Celebrating School Life

The Exclusive Platform for School Life

KubeIt is an entirely free, extensively safe, feature-rich digital platform exclusively for celebrating school life.

It is a platform for schools and school-goers, where school-goers find each other, interact and make friends, and schools can chronicle their many achievements round the year. Unlike any other social media platform designed with adults as primary users, KubeIt supports the unique need for acknowledgement and visibility of the accomplishments of school life, big or small, in a high-safety and high-etiquette environment.

Celebrate School Life, Get Noticed

KubeIt is a place to celebrate school life. It is where children across and within schools and countries come together to celebrate their little and big moments.

Because we believe that every moment of school life is worth celebrating, whether it is narrating a funny story, or expressing emotional upheavals without fear and inhibition, or showcasing creative achievements, or just having a virtual party of sorts. KubeIt is a one-stop platform for capturing and freezing any and every cherished occurrence related to school life. In addition, KubeIt's experienced and renowned mentors get to see your achievements, and students get a chance to be a part of their exclusive events and programmes.

Stay Updated

At KubeIt, you get to do much more than share your stories. Our extensively curated content engine brings you news and events of interest to students from sources across the globe. It is a great way for parents to stay updated on the events related to their children's schools and the general developments in the educational space.

Chat and Collaborate

Students and schools can leverage the group chat and community features of KubeIt to interact and collaborate over similar interests and events. For schools, this is a great way to form and facilitate several activities within controlled groups.

Using watertight security features, KubeIt delivers a wholesome school life experience for schools and students. Chat with your friends and get help with homework or conduct projects together and share your outcomes.

Brand and Expand

For school management, KubeIt allows exclusive branding on the KubeIt app for your school and host your communication and collaboration on a closed community while making as many channels as you wish to be public or private based on your requirement.

As a result, reach more students and parents and attract the best teachers by showcasing your achievements and enhancing your brand awareness among your target audience.

KubeIt Features

KubeIt is loaded with a plethora of school and student-friendly social features:

  • Find and add friends
  • Share news across students and schools
  • Create exclusive communication channels
  • Micro groups for schools to manage closed communities
  • Spontaneous games, quizzes, contests
  • Celebration activities with peers and rewards daily
  • Curated child-friendly content suggestions

In all, KubeIt is a place where schools and school children can practice uninhibited, compassionate and positive communication. Create interest-based or school-level communities within KubeIt and share your school life with your chosen group. Choose who can see your updates and share only with those you are comfortable with. Experience the highly moderated community driven by extensive community guidelines that filter out inappropriate content before making it to the platform.

KubeIt's Safety Features

  • All accounts are created under parental guidance and with their coordinates
  • Profile, age and parental email verification and before admission
  • Custom settings for who can see your updates
  • Round-the-clock, live content moderation